DENVER (CBS4) – Vic Lombardi is the man who brought you “The 5 Steps To Broncos Recovery” after the Broncos double overtime loss in the playoffs to the Ravens, and he now shares his “5 Stages Of A Rockies Fan.”

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Stage 1: Hope

There’s always hope in March. Every baseball season begins with hope. You look at that lineup on paper and the feelings of hope springs eternal.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Stage 2: Excitement

The Rockies come out of the gate strong in April. In May of this season they were 8 games over .500 at one point.

As a fan, you’re excited about this team. They play an exciting brand of baseball.

(credit: CBS)

Stage 3: Anger

Then, just like that, excitement turns to anger.

You’re angry about the injuries. Angry about the bullpen, the hitting slumps, the losing streak (currently a whopping 7 games!!).

You’re angry that it takes so long for the front office to do something.

(credit: CBS)

Stage 4: Apathy

The worst stage is apathy.

Once you’re apathetic about your team; once you know the season is essentially over, why bother?

(credit: CBS)

Stage 5 …

Which brings us to the fifth and final stage for every Rockies fan. Usually we don’t get there until the end of July. But ready or not, it’s already here: Football Season.

Now about that Broncos mini-camp …


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