DENVER (CBS4) – Former Denver Nuggets coach George Karl was a candidate for the Golden State coaching job, which seemed like a great fit, but the Warriors went with Steve Kerr instead.

Karl is 63 years old and his phone isn’t exactly ringing off the hook, as he told CBS4’s Vic Lombardi on Xfinity Monday Live!

George Karl on Xfinity Monday Live! (credit: CBS)

George Karl on Xfinity Monday Live! (credit: CBS)

Lombardi wondered how last year’s NBA Coach of the Year is still without a coaching job, and if there might be some age discrimination involved.

“I think the movement right now in the league, there’s a pendulum swing, it’s moved back to young, maybe the assistant coaches and inexpensive coaches,” Karl said. “In 2011 the average NBA coach’s salary — average — was $3.5 million. Today it’s under $2.5 million.”

Karl believes the economics following the lockout may have had an effect on how team owners approach hiring a new coach.

“I think all the economics of the new deal and the lockout and all that stuff; I think it started to kind of make a philosophical conversation with ownership (where they said) … ‘We’re trying to control the players, you guys have got to control the coaches a little bit,’ ” Karl said. “I think that pendulum will swing back, I think it will swing back to guys, I hope it does, I want one more shot.”

There have been rumors that along with Derek Fisher, Larry Brown and Scott Skiles, Karl is in the running for the Los Angeles Lakers coaching vacancy.

Karl went on to say that he thinks the San Antonio Spurs, although not as talented, will beat the Miami Heat for the NBA championship because they are a “better team.”

Watch more of the video with George Karl in the Xfinity Monday Live! section.

– By Matthew J. Buettner,


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