DENVER (CBS4) – Boots, a double-amputee cat dropped at a local shelter, is on the mend but needs help with her recovery.

Boots, just two weeks old when abandoned with her sister, uses her front paws to maneuver and essentially does a handstand to make her way down stairs.

Boots (credit: Life Is Better Rescue)

Boots (credit: Life Is Better Rescue)

Veterinarians believe a birth defect didn’t cause her missing limbs; rather, they suspect Boots was caught in a door or a recliner.

Boots will eventually need surgery to clean her legs and to help with the permanent fitting of prosthetics. For now, she’s wearing “house slippers” to teach her to walk with her back straight. Her prosthetics were made by Orthopets.

If you’d like to help donate toward Boots’ recovery or read more of her story, visit Life Is Better Rescue.


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