COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4)– Just days after an expose into El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa’s alleged bullying behavior, inappropriate relationships with female subordinates and lack of oversight was published– the El Paso County Commissioners called for his resignation.

The topic was discussed at a public meeting on Thursday where all five commissioners agreed to ask him resign.

“Commissioner Clark, ‘Aye,’ Commissioner Lathem, ‘Aye,’ Commissioner Glen, ‘Aye,’ Commissioner Littleton, ‘Aye,’ and the chair votes ‘Aye’ that passes unanimously,” said El Paso County Commissioner Chairman Dennis Hisey.

(credit: Colo. Springs Gazette)

(credit: Colo. Springs Gazette)

Earlier this month, three department commanders in the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office filed a formal complaint against Maketa, accusing him of having affairs with subordinates, verbally abusing those who questioned the relationships and removing oversight of the department’s $60 million budget.

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Maketa denied all of the allegations which were published in the Colorado Springs newspaper The Gazette.

“It is with a heavy heart that I have determined that it would be in the citizens of El Paso County’s best interest for the sheriff to resign,” said Hisey.

Board members cannot force the sheriff out of office which makes their vote only a request.

The sheriff is an elected official and unless he agrees to resign he can only be removed by recall vote.

Commissioner Peggy Littleton was one of the first to call for his resignation after The Gazette’s report was published.

“I am asking the Sheriff along with my colleagues to put others before yourself,” said Littleton.

The board took more than an hour to meet in executive session behind closed doors to discuss how to respond. They turned to the Sheriff’s own code of conduct for guidance.

That policy states that, “A police officer’s character and conduct while off duty must always be exemplary, thus maintaining a position of respect in the community in which he or she lives and serves.”

The board said their decision is not about guilt or innocence, it’s about distraction. They believe Maketa has lost the ability to lead.

Maketa has previously stated he will not resign.


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