BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – Police in Boulder urged people attending the Boulder Creek Festival to take shelter as a storm raced north on Saturday.

Rain poured down for the better part of an hour Saturday evening.

“A lot of anxiety; I’m very scared,” Boulder resient Liz Wigod said.

Wigod, a personal fitness trainer, has lived in Boulder for 35 years.

“Especially when I look down there. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s, that’s scary.’ I’m freaked out,” she said.

With rushing water rising, thunder crashing and dark storm clouds bringing in a torrent of rain, she hopes her city won’t see the type of devastation it saw last year.

“It was so devastating … I had a business and I wasn’t even able to operate. My income went down quite a bit and all of my friends needed help,” Wigod said.

“It was horrible. A foot of water running down Broadway. Never a good idea,” Boulder resident Memphis Soroka said.

Runoff water flooded a handful of areas. Usually packed with hikers and bikers, underpasses had to be closed. Residents could only hope for the best.

“It rained for four days so far, it could happen again. Look at the creek right now, it’s kind of ridiculous,” Soroka said.


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