DENVER (CBS4) – “Lotto balls don’t bounce Denver’s way.”

That short tweet from the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday night said it all.

The Nuggets had a 90 percent chance of getting the No. 11 pick in the NBA Draft Lottery and that’s what they did. They entered the lottery in that position and finished that way on Tuesday night, unable to overcome the odds.

“Whoever we end up getting (at No. 11), I will do my best at coaching them on the floor,” Nuggets Head Coach Brian Shaw said in a prepared statement.

The Nuggets also held the rights to the New York Knicks’ lottery combinations but sent their selection (No. 12) to another team as part of a trade agreement.

The Nuggets have been involved in 12 draft lotteries and said they have never improved their position in any of them.

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