LARIMER COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – A little boy is safe with his family after an attack at a playground.

Larimer County authorities want to find the man responsible for the attempted abduction of the boy. It happened Saturday afternoon at a playground in the Campion area south of Loveland.

Evan, 10, was playing at the park down the street from his home when he says someone he didn’t know grabbed him.

“He came up behind me and grabbed me right here and he gripped me and he was wearing everything black, gloves, mask — everything black,” Evan said. “I was playing with a stick and I hit him with the stick.”

The man let him go and from there Evan said he took off running and didn’t stop until he was safely away from the man.

“When I was running I never looked back,” he said.

His mother, Barbara, said he’ll never forget that moment.

“He cried his eyes out. He was like, ‘I thought I was never going to see you again, mom,’ ” Barbara said.

She said she’s talked with him and her two other children numerous times about what to do if someone they didn’t know tried to grab them.

“If someone tries to take you, if someone pulls up in a random car, I was like, ‘You don’t go with anybody,’ I was like, ‘You run away,’ ” Barbara said.

She’s glad she had that talk and she’s glad her oldest son listened.

“It paid off because he is here with me now,” she said.


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