CrossFit Coach Overcomes Obstacles To Keep Inspiring

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DENVER (CBS4)- A man who has inspired many Coloradans is now on the receiving end of that good will after suffering a devastating accident that claimed the use of his legs.

Kevin Ogar is an athlete and coach who is recovering after an accident during a CrossFit competition left him partially paralyzed.

Kevin Ogar (credit: CBS)

Kevin Ogar (credit: CBS)

“I got into it because I’m super competitive,” said Ogar.

The accident happened during a power lift while Ogar, 28, was competing in southern California. He was left with a severed spine and no movement in his legs.

“I knew something was wrong the second it happened. I couldn’t keep myself standing,” said Ogar.

He didn’t have insurance but the CrossFit community rallied behind him and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, and sent encouraging messages and a lot of prayers his way to help him recover.

Kevin Ogar (credit: CBS)

Kevin Ogar (credit: CBS)

He had to re-learn many things he took for granted before the accident.

“It really is like being a newborn,” said Ogar.

He spent weeks at Craig Hospital relearning the basics.

“It’s rough, for sure, going from someone who is super athletic and never really struggled with anything physically,” said Ogar.

Less than four months later CrossFit Unbroken got their coach back.

“They probably couldn’t keep me away. The doctors tried but weren’t very successful,” said Ogar. “I have my bad days and my good days.”

Ogar said his injuries actually make him a better coach because he can’t rely on his own athleticism but his words instead.

“What I want to do with my life, I feel like it’s going to be easier for me now to help people from this chair than it ever was walking around. I can use what CrossFit has given me, the name and community to help more people,” said Ogar.

“Sometimes the worst things that happen to people turn out to be the best things for them. God has a plan for everyone.”

Ogar is working on what’s called “The Revely Project” which has a goal to pay for the first year of nutrition and CrossFit training for disabled veterans.

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