AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)– An outbreak of a potentially deadly bacteria has made at least two people sick after using the pool and hot tub at the Bally’s gym in Aurora.

The pool and hot tub are still closed at the Bally’s located at 1450 S Abilene Street in Aurora after people became sick from Legionnaires’ disease.

It’s a common bacteria that under specific and rare conditions it can grow to dangerous levels that make you sick.

“I always called it my reward for working out was relaxing in the tub,” said Legionaires’ patient Allan Elder.

Allan Elder (credit: CBS)

Allan Elder (credit: CBS)

Elder worked out three to four times a week at the Bally’s in Aurora. Last month his post-workout reward turned into a stay in the hospital.

“I would never want anyone else to have to go through what I did,” said Elder.

Legionaires’ disease symptoms include a high fever, chills and coughing.

Elder went to the doctor on April 18 where things turned serious, “I ended up being in the hospital for six days.”

His doctors believe it was caused by breathing in contaminated water vapor.

The Bally's gym in Aurora (credit: CBS)

The Bally’s gym in Aurora (credit: CBS)

“It can be fatal,” said Dr. John Douglas Jr. with the Tri-County Health Department.

The Tri-County Health Department traced it back to the Bally’s pool and hot tub.

“Some of the plumbing appeared to be not working, optimally,” said Douglas.

It’s not the first time the gym failed a test from the health department.

“It had had a previous inspection that found out it had problems with chlorine and PH,” said Douglas.

Douglas said with the large amount of people using the pool he’s surprised but thankful more people did not get sick.

Bally’s released this statement to CBS4: “The company is fully cooperating with the Tri-County Health Department and expects to reopen the Aurora pool shortly.”

“They told me it was from being exposed to contaminated water,” said Elder.

Elder said it may take up to six months before he’s strong enough to get back in the gym. But when he does go back it won’t be to this one.

“I’ll never go back again,” said Elder. “I’ll probably never use another public pool or hot tub again.”

Both Bally’s and the Tri-County Health Department sent out letter to the Bally’s membership warning them of the exposure to the pool or hot tub and urging them to visit their doctor if they develop symptoms.


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