DENVER (CBS4) – With their second pick in the NFL draft the Denver Broncos took a player who will directly affect Peyton Manning. He’s wide receiver Cody Latimer out of the University of Indiana.

Latimer, at 6-foot-2 and 215 pounds, is built much like former Broncos receiver Eric Decker, but he’s much more physical. CBS4’s Tom Helmer sat down with Latimer to ask him what he’d be bringing to the table.

Cody Latimer in his Broncos orange outfit he saved from his high school prom (credit: CBS)

Cody Latimer in his Broncos orange outfit he saved from his high school prom (credit: CBS)

Helmer told Latimer that as far as receivers go, he kind of won the lottery by stepping into the best offense in the NFL.

“That’s where it was worth the wait … I couldn’t ask for anything better … my first year getting to play under a great quarterback and a great offense? It’s like, what more can I ask for?” Latimer said.

Latimer said that in him the Broncos will be getting a player with great work ethic and a person who wants to learn.

“(I’m a) very coachable, physical receiver … not try to drop many balls, I catch the ball well with my hands,” he said. “I’ve played on special teams when needed, started on special teams, made plays for IU. I’m going to be that guy who they play on third down and six to win the game, you know, slant route.”

Latimer said he’s going to be the kind of player Manning trusts to throw the ball to in clutch situations.

Cody Latimer's orange shoes from his high school prom outfit (credit: CBS)

Cody Latimer’s orange shoes from his high school prom outfit (credit: CBS)

“He’s going to know I will catch it, be at the right spot. (I’m) very intelligent and just ready to learn, eager; just ready to help take this organization to the next level.”

Latimer wore Broncos orange, white pants and orange shoes when he was introduced. He had kept the outfit from his senior prom and John Elway said because of that, he was destined be in Denver.

“I got the call and they told me to be dressed up. And I was like, ‘Hmm, I wonder what I could wear?’ … I forgot I had this in the suitcase. (My family and I) were like ‘wow.’ I had to be meant to be, I’m in Broncos colors.”


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