JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – A Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputy is being remembered as never having a bad day. Sgt. Dave Baldwin will be honored at Airlife’s annual Memorial Run this weekend.

Crystal Baldwin said it’s no secret why so many want to honor her late husband. She said he never had a bad day.

“He was the most positive person that you would have ever met,” said Crystal.

Sgt. David Baldwin (credit: Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office)

Sgt. David Baldwin (credit: Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office)

Baldwin was killed in a head-on crash on Highway 93 in January.

The first MC-1 Honor Run thundered off from Columbine High School in Littleton early last Sunday. “MC-1” was Sgt. David Baldwin’s radio call sign.

Now there’s another memorial planned to honor him.

Crystal met Baldwin through an online dating site. Although neither was spouse searching she said something just clicked.

When asked if it was love at first sight, Crystal replied, “It was, it was you know. We were supposed to meet for coffee and I had other things I was supposed to do and that was three hours. It was a three hour coffee and everytime we met thereafter it was the same.”

Crystal and Baldwin shared a love of motorcycles and the mountains. They were married in their backyard in 2006.

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Crystal said Baldwin had a passion for being a Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputy and he had an adventurous spirit. He also had a great love for his son, Josh.

She said everyday with Baldwin was a gift.

“He was absolute joy and that’s what he brought to everyone’s life. That’s what I lost, I lost my joy,” said Crystal.

She refuses to focus on the dark days, the day Baldwin was killed by a wrong-way driver.

“I refuse to focus on that one darkest second of my life because there were so many amazing minutes and hours and days and weeks with him and it would dishonor him to focus on that second,” said Crystal.

Crystal is setting her sights on creating happy memories, specifically Josh’s upcoming wedding.

And when the house feels particularly empty, she just might take a ride and remember her husband.

Baldwin lost his first wife to cancer and vowed never to waste a moment.

The Airlife walk/run to honor Dave Baldwin is Saturday at Hudson Gardens.



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