DENVER (CBS4) – The Public Utilities Commission has reportedly found hundreds of violations involving Yellow Cab drivers logging too many hours on the road.

They’re raising many safety concerns over the idea that the drivers may be too tired to drive safely.

“You really hope they are. Because usually when you’re taking a cab in downtown Denver, you need to get home,” said cab customer Alan Feldman.

A Public Utilities Commission spokesman was quoted saying driver hours and time spent behind the wheel is a potential safety issue — serious enough for the PUC to conduct an audit and fine the Yellow Cab Company last month almost $2 million.

The fine will be cut in half if they pay up on Monday.

Most of the 710 violations involved drivers working more than 80 hours in eight consecutive days.

“I work like six days in a row,” said one cab driver who doesn’t believe working close to 80 hours is possible.

“Eight days!? How,” he said.

Yellow Cab isn’t the only taxi company to be fined. Freedom Cab and Union Taxi were fined hundreds of thousands of dollars this year by the PUC.

The violations were reportedly much the same as Yellow Cab’s.

“You’re putting your life in their hands and you really need to make sure that, well you really want to hope that everything’s going to be okay,” said Feldman.


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