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Lyons Meteorologist Helping Create New Flood Watch Network

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LYONS, Colo. (CBS4) – Historic flooding in September 2013 forever changed the landscape in some of Colorado’s Front Range foothills.

Many rivers and streams changed both course and size when the high waters roared through.

Those changes created a lot of questions about what will happen when waters rise from winter snowmelt or heavy rain this spring.

One local meteorologist who survived last year’s devastating flood doesn’t want to be caught off guard, so he’s created a group of weather watchers to monitor local conditions and water levels.

“The thing that concerns me is if we get in the one to three inch range, even that low, because we don’t know how the rivers are going to handle the moisture,” said Greg Berman, creator of the Flood Watch Network.

Portions of Colorado's Front Range foothills continue to have a higher than normal flood risk this spring. (credit: CBS)

Portions of Colorado’s Front Range foothills continue to have a higher than normal flood risk this spring. (credit: CBS)

Berman posts about weather patterns and potential flood concerns on the group’s Facebook page. He also receives pictures of current conditions on area streams from some of his spotters.

“The best thing I can say for the Flood Watch Network is that it’s not just a last ditch effort to find out about a flood. For me, I’m hoping for several days in advance to get the word out to save lives and property,” Berman said.

If you’re interested in learning more about this group you can find them by searching “Flood Watch Network” on Facebook.

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