BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – Two more tainted meatballs have been found Sunday in a Boulder County park.

The food is being left in Buckingham Park in Gunbarrel. The sheriff’s department says 10 meatballs have been found all together.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

“The investigation is on-going but at this time it doesn’t appear the latest meatballs found were placed there recently,” Cmdr. Heidi Prentup with the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

“More likely they were placed during the same time as those previously found.”

Three dogs have gotten sick.

Dog owners said around 5 p.m. the park used to be known as “yappy hour” but now a lot less dogs are being walked there because of the poison concern.

Dog owner Jack Hadley said he’s a lot more vigilant when taking his dog Mojo for a walk.

“There’s no letting them off the leash pr any of that stuff anymore.
I’m just watching him and being really careful. I’m paranoid now,” said Hadley.

Local television personality Aaron Harber is so disturbed by the poisoning that he has contributed $1,000 to a reward fund.

“Randomly killing animals that may not be involved, even if you have a grievance, is really just off the charts inexcusable,” said Harber.

The reward is up to $4,500 for the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for harming the innocent animals.

“These are parts of our community, members of our community that we should be protecting,” said Harber.

Scientists say the effects of the poison are similar to ingesting rat poison.

The meatballs were sent to a lab at Texas A&M University and results on exactly what kind of poison was used should be back this week sometime.

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