AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)– Students and teachers were evacuated from Smoky Hill High School Friday afternoon while law enforcement investigated an unusual substance falling from a teen’s backpack.

A suspicious 14-year-old male seen in the school with a backpack with suspicious material has been detained for questioning.

Students thought they saw a white powder coming from the backpack.

“Several students observed a fellow male student in the hallway of the school. He was bent over an open backpack and was trying to ignite a white powder that was inside of it. The students who became alarmed immediately notified school staff who then called police,” Sgt. Chris Amsler said in a prepared statement.

Firefighters found the substance and later determined that the substance was corn starch.

“Detectives and Fire Investigators discovered that the suspect was trying to ‘blow a fireball,’ which is the act of blowing corn starch into an open flame to cause it to flare up.

Amsler said officers conducted a thorough search of the school and did not locate any other suspicious substances.

The high school was evacuated but Laredo Middle School was not.

Students were evacuated for safety precautions. All students are safe and classes were dismissed.


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