DENVER (CBS4)– Trying to tell the difference between a marijuana edible and a traditional snack is nearly impossible once those nibbles are out of their packaging. Some state lawmakers are trying to change that.

Lawmakers with the House Health, Insurance and Environment Committee heard testimony on a proposal to make sure there are no mistakes when it comes to determining which snack contains marijuana.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

If a child ingests the wrong one there can be consequences.

Rachel O’Bryan of Smart Colorado, a volunteer group created to ensure legalized marijuana doesn’t compromise the health and safety of Colorado’s children, said there should be some distinction.

“I want in some way when it’s out of the package I can tell it’s marijuana,” said O’Bryan.

There are similarities between peanut butter cups, Pixie Sticks, rainbow bracelets and Swedish Fish.

The marijuana industry wants more study and points to packaging regulations already in place.

“It’s child resistant. This is for more of the edibles and this is for flowers and concentrated,” said Marijuana Industry Group spokesman Mike Elliott, while holding up a child-resistant bag and a locking plastic container.

Child-resistant packaging recommended to keep pot edibles out of the hands of children.(credit: CBS)

Child-resistant packaging recommended to keep pot edibles out of the hands of children.(credit: CBS)

Seven children have been brought in to the Children’s Hospital Emergency Room so far this year.

“Five of those seven needed to be admitted to our critical care unit with secondary to severe altered mental status,” said Children’s Emergency Medicine spokesman Dr. Michael Distefano.

Supporters of the bill want a specific shape, color or marking to make sure there is no mistaking infused marijuana edibles for candy.


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