ELIZABETH, Colo. (CBS4) – Some city leaders in Elizabeth want to allow an archery hunt in town to thin the growing deer population.

There are estimated to be at least 250 deer within the Town of Elizabeth’s one mile square radius.

Deer Hunt Proposal Map

The town says they’ve caused all kinds of problems and accidents and they believe bringing in sharpshooters in the form of bow hunters could solve the problem to cull the herd.

However many residents strongly disagreed with that proposal at a town hall meeting held on Tuesday.

Longtime resident Paulette Walker says deer are part of Elizabeth’s culture and hunting them with bows does not solve the problem.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

“It’s a cruel, cruel way to kill an animal. Deer make that Town of Elizabeth. Without the deer there is no town of Elizabeth,” said Walker.

Town Administrator Dick Eason says the hundreds of deer in Elizabeth damage fences and caused dozens of road accidents last year alone.

He says wildlife experts agree that using skilled bow hunters is a viable option to keep the deer population down.

“They’re not afraid of anybody. You can get very close to them which with a skilled bow hunter, virtually assures a kill shot every time,” said Eason.

Walker says that even though the deer can be pesky, they deserve to live and she’ll fight to keep bow hunters out of her town.

“I can’t do anymore, but I can damn well put up a fight for them, and that’s what I’m doing,” said Walker.

The town says that they have to have some kind of option in place by June and if they do go with the bow hunter option, they say all meat will go to local food banks.


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