Thieves Steal More Than $100,000 Worth Of Fur Coats

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VAIL, Colo. (CBS4) – A duo of thieves may have hit more than one high country town when they stole more than $100,000 worth of fur coats over the weekend.

Vail police found out about one theft and started asking other stores if they were missing coats.

Now it appears fur shops in Aspen were also hit on the same day.

The investigation started in Vail where someone simply walked out with a fur coat worth $100,000

“In trying to solve the case we sent our officers out to the other stores that also sell other high dollar items like that and tried to find out if the suspects have gone to them as well,” said Vail Police Department Comm. Daric Harvey.

Police didn’t think it was an isolated incident.

“The police came to tell me about the other theft in town and told me they’d stolen a sable somewhere else so I looked at my sables and noticed one was missing,” said Fur Shop Owner Sue Adams.

Both coats are Russian Sable and the second one stolen was on sale for $50,000.

“We’ve already looked at some electronic media to find out whether or not these items have been posted on craigslist or eBay,” said Harvey.

The items haven’t showed up online so police are hoping someone can identify the two suspects.

“The description we received of the suspects is that it’s a male and female working together,” said Harvey.

One fur shop owner said that these high priced items obviously had some kind of security device on them but the thieves were somehow able to avoid it.

“They knew what they were doing, they were professionals, they’d done this before,” said Adams.

There has only been one reported theft in Aspen and police there will be looking into the Vail case to see if the suspects are the same.

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