DENVER (CBS4) – When March 2014 began, hope was high among snow lovers that the month known to be the snowiest in Denver would deliver.

But despite the first two days being cold and snowy, Denver fell short, officially recording 6.0 inches of snow, which was 4.7 inches below normal.

March 2014 Climate Recap For Denver

March 2014 Climate Recap For Denver

There was 0.83 inches of precipitation measured which was 0.09 inches below normal.

The wettest day was March 7th when 0.32 inches of precipitation fell.


Temperatures in Denver were up and down during March, and ended up 0.5 degrees above the normal of 40.4 degrees.

The average high was 55.8 degrees and the average low was 25.9 degrees.

There were two days where the daytime high temperature did not exceed 32 degrees.

The highest temperature was 73 degrees on the 9th and the coldest was 4 degrees on the 2nd.


March was somewhat foggy with eight days producing dense fog where the visibility dropped to 1/4 mile or lower in Denver.

The winds blew at 30 mph or higher on 14 days with the strongest wind measured being 55 mph on the 18th.

No thunder was observed during the month of March.


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