It’s now the trendy way to kick the habit— e-cigarettes.

Suck on some nicotine vapor and you’re supposedly on easy street to throwing away the real smokes. But do e-cigs really help you walk down tobacco road away from actual cigarettes?

A new study in the JAMA Internal Medicine says not so fast. It’s admittedly a small study, but does suggest e-cigs are no better than any other trick, tip, gadget to get you unhooked. In fact, one researcher says at the one year mark, its success rate is just about the same as a nicotine patch — about 5 percent — not exactly a sure-fire yield.

And even though manufacturers say these products are safer since they don’t contain tar and other chemicals found in smoke, I wouldn’t say nicotine is on the list of healthy substances.

As for the argument that “vaping” or sucking in nicotine vapors is safer for others since there is no “smoke” blowing around, there still is vapor that can be inhaled like second hand smoke.

The verdict: nice try. Just like gum, patches, drugs, etc., e-cigs aren’t magic and certainly won’t make your habit magically go poof.

Try the product if you wish — just keep in mind the strongest aid in kicking the habit is willpower. And even that is sometimes in short supply.


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