2 Fire Departments Respond To Burning Apartment

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A fire at the Tall Pines Apartment Complex destroyed one unit (credit: CBS)

A fire at the Tall Pines Apartment Complex destroyed one unit (credit: CBS)

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4)- A fire burning at an apartment complex was quickly extinguished because it’s located near two fire districts and crews from both units responded.

Crews from both the Denver Fire Department and West Metro Fire responded to the fire at Tall Pines Apartment Complex.

A fire at the Tall Pines Apartment Complex destroyed one unit (credit: CBS)

A fire at the Tall Pines Apartment Complex destroyed one unit (credit: CBS)

“We had over 50 firefighters respond to reports of a fire on a balcony. Turns out it is West Metro’s area even though Denver got the call first and were here first,” said Deputy Chief of Operations Scott Rogers.

When firefighters arrived they found one resident of the apartment who helped provide some important information.

“They encountered one occupant coming out saying it was his house, that he was okay, there was nobody else in there,” said Rogers. “They made entry there was heavy fire inside the apartment building.”

Denver Firefighters started to fight the fire and then West Metro Firefighters arrived and joined the battle.

“Searched all the units, nobody else was home. A couple of pets that were taken care of and uninjured,” said Rogers.

There was an unusual component to the fire for one firefighter; his daughter lived in the apartment that was burning.

“The unique part of this story is the apartment that was on fire is being rented by a daughter of a Denver Firefigher who responded to this call. So he knew he was coming to the area where his daughter lived but he also knew she was at work,” said Rogers. “He was concerned obviously but she wasn’t home, she was at work, which was good. But still kind of unique to be responding to a call of a fire where your daughter lives.”

One young boy who lives in a neighboring apartment was one of the first to be alerted to the fire.

“I heard a big pop and I look out of my mom’s window and I see a whole bunch of flames coming out and debris falling down on the grass. So I tell my parents and while they went to gather stuff I go to start knocking on people’s doors to alert them that there was a fire in the apartment,” said resident Adriano Licon.

People living in six units will have to find some other place to stay, at least for the night.

“There will be six units, more than likely, that will be uninhabitable for the rest of the night. There is really only fire damage to one unit but water damage and utilities won’t be replaced to those six units,” said Rogers.

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