Denver Police ID Suspects Arrested In String Of Burglaries

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(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

DENVER (CBS4) – Denver police have released the identities of a couple suspected in a string of burglaries.

Police arrested Michael Latta, 26, and Noelle Reed, 23, just a day after warning two neighborhoods about a rash of burglaries.

The burglaries mostly occurred in what’s considered the Hale and Park Hill neighborhoods. The crimes were reported last week.

Police say the suspects are definitely connected to several of the burglaries and they’re looking into whether they’re responsible for all 13 burglaries.

Police say they arrested Latta and Reed around 16th and Newport Tuesday morning as the Latta was allegedly in the process of breaking into someone’s home. He tried to run off on foot but was caught by an officer.

Authorities say Reed is connected to the crimes but they’re not sure how yet.

According to police, the two were preying on homes and then striking several a day over a 2-week period.

Police posted a warning to neighbors within the last couple of days warning them about the string of burglaries and asking them to be alert and vigilant about suspicious looking people in their neighborhood.

“The community is key to solving these types of crimes, really, because they know their community. Know who should be there, who shouldn’t be there, they know who should be going to their neighbors’ house,” Sonny Jackson with Denver police said. “The best thing that helps us is the community’s help being the best witness and being alert enough to call us when they see something suspicious.”

Police released the information to neighbors with a smartphone app and website called “Nextdoor.” It’s a social media site that allows neighbors to communicate with each other and law enforcement. Denver police say it’s just one way they’re trying to better connect with neighbors and get criminals off the street.

Latta and Reed’s photos haven’t been released because police are still in the process of showing their photos to people who may have recognized them in connection with the burglaries.

LINK: Nextdoor

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