FORT MORGAN, Colo. (CBS4) – Shot out car windows and graffiti are the latest in a string of possible hate crimes in Fort Morgan.

Fort Morgan is a town of about 11,000 people and over the last 10 years it got an influx of East African refugees who went there to live the American dream who now may be the targets of hate crimes.

Families in an apartment complex woke up Sunday morning to a disturbing sight.

“We saw some writing that was on the cars,” said one victim.

Racial slurs were written on car windows and at least five other windows had been shot out.

“The cars of the black people, especially the Somalis, were broken,” said a victim.

Similar incidents have occurred in the past.

“Three weeks ago they broke into another car,” said another victim.

John Brenan with the city said the vandalism happened at two locations over the weekend, and another happened in early February, all of which in seemingly targeted areas.

“Where concentrations of our East African refugee population lives,” said Brenan.

Slurs allegedly said things like “go back to your own country,” making police investigate the cases as hate crimes.

“It’s disturbing and disappointing for the community,” said Brenan.

Fort Morgan police are offering a $500 reward for the capture of those responsible.

Brenan calls the crimes isolated and not part of the immigrant friendly reputation Fort Morgan has worked hard to achieve.

In contrast to the crimes, some members of the community have come forward to offer to pay for the damage done.


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