DENVER (CBS4)– People living near the new Trader Joe’s location at 8th and Colorado are demanding a solution to the increased traffic and parking issues since the grocery opened on Feb. 14.

The frustrations were aired at a meeting on Thursday night. They want city officials to do something about it and quickly.

The novelty of the new Trader Joe’s location in the old University Hospital neighborhood is wearing thin for residents.

“There are so many people that are so excited about Trader Joe’s and we are too, but the residents don’t have parking on the street,” said resident Joanne Bader.

Bader said it’s not only a parking issue but also a safety issue. That’s why she drafted a petition and joined some of her neighbors at City Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman’s town hall meeting.

“Don’t we have the realization that the code is totally, totally inadequate?” said one resident.

“The streets are very narrow and when you get parking on both sides of the street you get sideswiping, you get hit-and-runs,” said Bader.

Susman told residents she understood their frustration but asked for patience over the next month or two.

“We need to see where the cars are going to go, what kinds of parking signs we need. We need to educate people about parking. We need to enforce the heck out of it,” said Susman.

Bader said the traffic issues could have been prevented, “It’s hard on the city, we realize that, but they should have known that Trader Joe’s would have that kind of impact.”

Residents suggested block extensions for their current parking permits but that would create issues for residents who live on other blocks.

City officials said there is no easy answer.


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