Father Remembered After Death In Fiery Crash

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LONGMONT, Colo. (CBS4)- A crowd of friends and family gathered to remember the man killed in a fiery crash in Longmont. A medical condition forced Carlos Bustillos to crash his truck into the vacant building.

They brought flowers and pictures of the father to the warehouse where he lost his life on Wednesday afternoon.

Candles lit up the night as they tried to cope with the sudden loss of the 34-year-old they called cousin, friend, brother and son.

“He love his kids, he loved his wife, he loved everybody,” said Bustillos’ father, Pablo Bustillos. “That’s why we have all these people here.”

Bustillos was killed after he lost control of his truck when it slammed into a warehouse, struck an electrical box and started a fire.

“You’re never prepared for tragedy. You just kind of take it as it comes,” said Bustillos’ cousin and minister Adam Olivo.

Olivo led family and friends in prayer at the place where Bustillos died.

Bustillos’ teenage children, a 13-year-old girl and 15-year-old boy, were able to escape the flames but they couldn’t save their father.

“It’s tough, it’s devastating. Nobody really knows how they feel but them,” said Olivo. “The good thing is there is a lot of support, a lot of family can hopefully help with that process.”

The fire burned so hot it kept firefighters and investigators out of the building for hours. Bustillos’ charred truck was pulled from the damaged structure Thursday morning.

Pablo said it’s hard losing a son, “My life isn’t going to be the same.”

Police are still investigating exactly what happened. They believe Bustillos suffered a seizure while behind the wheel which led to the crash.

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