DENVER (CBS4) – A former Douglas County assistant coroner was sentenced Monday afternoon to three years probation for stealing guns from the coroner’s office.

A Douglas County judge gave Carter Lord three years probation on each of three felony counts, two counts of forging government issued documents and one count of embezzlement. But the judge ordered the sentences to run concurrently.

A CBS4 investigation in 2012 revealed that Lord was initially charged with seven felonies for selling handguns that the coroner’s office had taken into evidence as part of death investigations.

Lord told CBS4 he “accidentally” sold one of the handguns for $500. According to Lord, the guns were part of various coroner investigations and families of deceased victims had indicated they wanted the weapons destroyed. Lord said he intended to destroy them after removing them from the coroner’s office, but that never happened.

He had planned, he said, to destroy them at his shop, but said he “sold one by accident.”

At trial, Lord was found guilty on three felony counts, but was found not guilty of four other charges.

Laurie McKager, District Administrator for the 18th Judicial District, confirmed the probation sentence.

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