SUMMIT COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – The snow has really piled up in high country, but the crews responsible for moving the snow got a break this week, just in time for more snow to make its way there.

“I still find it kind of fun to push snow,” Philip Houghton with Summit County Road and Bridge said.

Houghton is back doing what he loves.

“I’ve got 25 years pushing snow for the county,” he said.

And this year he’s been working a lot.

“It’s been a pretty good one; it’s been a long stretch without a break.”

Houghton was on the slopes high above Breckenridge making sure Summit County roads are still passable.

“If I’m not in a sand truck keeping traffic moving then we’re spending a lot of time pushing banks back, trying to keep the roads wide enough to prepare for the next snow storm,” Houghton said. “We’ve been doing amazingly well given the amount of snow we’ve had up here. We’re over 150 percent for snowfall for this time of year.”

Thad Noll is the assistant county manager that oversees the Road and Bridge Department.

“This is an important time for them to get these little breaks in the storms when they can come into the neighborhoods that have had a lot of snow, push the banks back and make room for the next storm,” Noll said. “We’ve got a tourism economy, we have got to make it easy for people to get around.

“We’ve had a couple days break now, we’ve had some blue skies for two days, so yeah, bring it on, I like wet winters,” Noll said of the next round of snow that’s on the way.

The biggest problem the plow drivers have had have been running into is people pushing the snow from their driveways into the roadways.


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