LEADVILLE, Colo. (CBS4) – Experts are calling the avalanche that killed two skiers and injured several others on Saturday the largest they’ve seen in the area.

The slide happened on Independence Pass on Star Mountain where seven skiers triggered the deadly slide.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

“I have never seen an avalanche this big in this area,” said director of the Colorado Avalanche Information Center Dr. Ethan Green.

Green called the particular avalanche historic.

“Certainly it wrapped around a corner, broke into multiple areas. It was a very large avalanche,” said Green.

Five of the seven skiers were caught in the avalanche, including the two who died.

“It was so large it was hard for me to measure it. This is a very dangerous area right now and it’s exactly the kind of area we’ve been warning people about that could produce a large slide,” said Green.

Some of the skiers were locals from Twin Lakes Village.

“They were awesome. Loved the outdoors, were very respectful of nature and respectful of what could happen. Tragedies and accidents happen,” said Mary Paine from the Twin Lakes Inn.

An avalanche advisory is in effect until Monday night.

The CAIC said they have seen several massive avalanches like this one over the past week.


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