DENVER (CBS4)– A Denver-based relationship expert has some advice for singles on Valentine’s Day: Be your own valentine.

Many singles are struggling with how to get through the holiday with all the hearts, flowers and candy while they’re alone.

Dr. Lisa Bobby is a psychologist and a relationship expert.

She says it’s possible to get through Valentine’s Day without feeling despondent.

“I would like to encourage people to make this a tribute day, especially if you ended a relationship. It can be a great day to sort through past memories, memorialize your relationship, do some grieving, say goodbye to the good parts and the bad parts and saying ‘Hello’ to the new life you can create on your own,” said Bobby.

She also feels it’s important not to place too much emphasis on this day.

“Don’t idealize Valentine’s Day. It’s easy to think that everyone is loved and happy today, that’s simply not the case. Use this day to think about unfinished emotional business you may have. This can be a great day to do some work to help you move forward,” said Bobby.

She also suggests not spending the day alone even if that mean no romantic connections.

“It’s a great idea to reach out to other people who understand you and have compassion. Never reach out to your ex. That’s almost always a bad idea,” said Bobby.



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