FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4)– The Poudre School District has released a statement regarding “Spread the Love Week” dress-up days which at one time included a day called “Merica Monday.”

This is the statement they released: As Poudre School District, FCHS Student Council students and FCHS administration have continued discussions regarding the Spread the Love Week dress-up days, additional clarifying information has emerged.

Based on these conversations, we now understand that miscommunication and misunderstandings clouded the situation.

Originally, FCHS Student Council proposed Merica Monday (based on alliteration) as a dress up day to show pride in our country. Administration discussed concerns about the negative connotations of the term Merica with regard to being inclusive to the entire student body. At that time, Student Council presented alternatives including America Monday, My Country Monday and Patriotic Day. At that time, FCHS administration agreed to My Country Monday, but later reversed the decision. Amidst media and community attention, FCHS Administration and PSD released a statement earlier this week focused only on the negative connotations of the terminology surrounding Merica Monday and announcing Monday would be America Day. This offended members of the FCHS Student Council who had previously suggested this alternative. As a means of resolving the situation, both sides discussed the issue at length on Thursday. Everyone agreed that both sides had the best of intentions but missed opportunities and miscommunication caused the situation to escalate. Additionally, everyone agreed that all parties involved are proud of their country and this situation is not an indication that anyone involved is unpatriotic.

Student Council and administrators are committed to working as a team for the benefit of all FCHS students.

Spread the Love week is about unity and raising funds for the FCHS charity of choice, Respite Care Inc. It is about taking the time to see the good in our community. Dress-up days serve as a way to express our pride in the school and each other. They also serve as a means to get the student body excited to give to those who are less fortunate. Next week, it is important to remember that we are here to support each other and make our school, our town and our world a better place. We are Fort Collins High School and we are here to Spread the Love.

We encourage the Fort Collins High School and Poudre School District community to join us in Spreading the Love and donating to Respite Care Inc.

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