Denver Street Artist Paints Broncos Mural

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DENVER (CBS4) – Broncos orange and blue can be found all over Colorado and in downtown Denver a street artist has painted a special Broncos mural.

It’s a two-story mural of Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning done entirely with spray paint.

“It actually takes up the whole building, which is pretty impressive,” a fan said.

The mural is found in Denver’s Highlands neighborhood at 16th Street and Platte Street. It was created by Denver street artist Gamma Acosta.

“It’s not the same as doing canvas in a gallery. Anyone can see it,” Acosta said.

Media company “Clarkson Creative” is located across the street and captured the creation in a time-lapse video. It took about 25 hours across three days using about 50 cans of spray paint.

“It’s all freehand so there’s no stencil or grid or projector or anything like that,” Acosta said.

Gamma’s relative owns the building and he’s been looking to paint a Bronco mural for a while. He’s also done another one in Longmont.

Acosta included a Go Fund Me address for his cousin Leo, a Bronco fan who’s currently fighting Stage 4 cancer.

While the mural’s popularity grows the artist hopes to shine a light on the street art scene, and celebrate a city united in orange.

“You won’t see Colorado as united as you will when the Broncos are in the Super Bowl,” Acosta said.

Win or lose the mural will be staying there for some time, although Acosta said he plans to add to it, if the Broncos win the Super Bowl.

LINK: Go Fund Me Website For Gamma’s Cousin

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