GARDEN RIDGE, Texas (CBS4) – Search and rescue crews continue to look for a Denver woman who vanished after going for a walk eight days ago in Texas.

Searches by air and on the ground continue to take place in the area of Garden Ridge, Texas, where 33-year-old Leanne Bearden disappeared.

“We searched the area for any homes that might have cameras on them that have footage. We researched businesses and our own facility tapes to see if anything shows any sign,” said Garden Ridge Police Chief Donna O’Conner.

About 150 volunteers and 12 canines searched the area for clues on Saturday but so far have come up with nothing.

“The family has been massively involved. We have worked with the Hechts and Beardens. They have contacted many sources and done private searches,” said O’Conner.

Josh Bearden, Leanne’s husband of four years, reported her missing after she left for walk while visiting his parents in Texas and never returned.

“I knew after 3 hours that something was really, really wrong,” said Bearden.

The couple recently returned from traveling the world for the past two years.

Investigators are not suspecting foul play.

“She could be 10 miles away, and said, ‘this is really nice rocky drainage ditch, and it’s pretty,’ and she could have slipped,” said Bearden.

Search and rescue crews are hoping for the best.

“There certainly are cases where people have been found after eight days to be alive. There are cases in these weather conditions,” said Greg Pyles from Texas Search And Rescue.

Friday night Bearden’s friends in Denver held a fundraiser at two bars to help the family pay for search efforts.

According to one of the organizers about 600 people showed up.


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