BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – Boulder had to quickly ditch a new device that was supposed to make snowplow blades last longer.

The city said that all 16 of its plow trucks had been running non-stop since p.m. Wednesday night.

It was the first test for recently re-adjusted plow blades.

During a snowstorm earlier in January crews discovered the device they installed to make blades last longer actually kept them from working.

The city fixed the blades’ downward pressure.

This means that the city’s investment in the efficiency devices turned out to be a bust.

During the night Boulder got four and a half inches of snow.

“On Pearl Street sometimes it will take until more like the afternoon before they get out, but all in all I think that the roads are in great shape for the city and what we have,” said local Michael Ruiz.

That’s less snow and a smaller problem to handle than the previous storm when the problem with the plow blades happened.

At 11 p.m. Thursday night public works will determine how many plows to keep on the roads overnight.


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