DENVER (CBS4)– After all the cheering and the pom poms the Broncos are headed to the Super Bowl.

It will take a super budget for even super fans to make it to MetLife Stadium for the Super Bowl.

The Denver Broncos have partnered with Prime Sport to offer travel packages.

A charter flight, three nights in a New York City hotel, Super Bowl tickets and transportation will cost $5,735 per person. More if you want to upgrade the hotel or tickets.

Without the Broncos special, booking it all on your own will be difficult.

“The space is going to sell out pretty quick,” said Triple A travel expert Lee Ann Underwood. “Into Newark’s airport it would start at about $900 today.”

Flexibility with connections and travel days could drop the price several hundred dollars.

“In New York City it’s going to be starting around $400 a night,” said Underwood.

Super Bowl fans can also search for budget hotels located outside New York City. For those still looking to buy a ticket can expect to pay $2,500 for nosebleed seats.

Underwood doesn’t believe it will be tough for tickets to sell out, “If it’s on their bucket list and they’ve planned ahead.”

For those who want to go in style, the same room at the Four Seasons and a luxury suite at the Super Bowl will set you back just under $26,000.


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