Artists Have Thousands Of Dollars’ Worth Of Artwork Stolen

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DENVER (CBS4)DENVER, Colo. (CBS4) – Thousands of dollars’ worth of artwork is missing after thieves broke into the artist’s trailer.

The local artists parked their 20-foot trailer on Wednesday night. Then they came back on Thursday with plans to bring their art inside Denver Mart. That’s when they made the disturbing discovery.

A bald eagle carved out of wood with the contours of the grain creating the feathers was stolen.

“We put so much work into them and it’s part of our life. This is what we do for a living,” artist Liz Martin said.

Liz Martin’s husband, Van Martin, spends months at a time crafting his eagles made from trees burned by lightning strikes in the high country.

“This is all natural. What I see is the flows and forms in the wood,” Van Martin said.

Taking inventory after the burglary was depressing for the Martins.

“Your heart just drops,” Van Martin said.

His sculptured eagles are priced anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Each one is one of a kind.

“I know these pieces, they’re part of me,” he said.

More than $10,000 of their artwork, including 20 of Liz Martin’s hand-woven baskets were taken.

“It’s like creating something that comes from you,” Liz Martin said. “I just retired and I worked so hard to do it.”

“We kind of follow the code of the West — if it’s not yours, don’t take it,” Van Martin said.

The Martins are hoping someone, somehow returns their labor of love. While Van Martin wishes harm to no one, he believes the thief is tempting fate.

“Bad things will come to you from these pieces,” he said.

Other artists at the show over the weekend tried to take up a collection for the Martins, but they turned it down and just wanted a handshake and hug.

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