Battle Between Cabbies And Car Services Heats Up

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DENVER (CBS4) – Some cabbies don’t think those behind the wheel of an Uber or Lyft car are appropriately qualified.

Some local legislators came out on Tuesday so support the drivers.

“I’m going to see those cabs rain, snow, sleet whatever. You guys are out there,” said one of them.

Jeff Griggs is an Uber driver but says he’s been driving private cars for years.

“The first thing is background, we want to make sure we have safe, qualified people driving those vehicles,” said Griggs.

Uber now has two programs on its mobile app. Private drivers and ride sharing.

“What it does is it takes underutilized drivers all across the city and it gives other folks the chance to literally share their ride from one point to another. All of these drivers pass background checks,” said Griggs.

The clash between cabbies and Uber isn’t unique to Denver.

In France there was a physical clash.

Uber says it will introduce legislation this year in Colorado to better regulate the industry.

However, that may not be enough to keep local cabs from trying to drive their competition out of town.

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