DENVER (CBS4) – One year ago Sunday the Denver Broncos lost to the San Diego Chargers in double overtime and fans are hoping history won’t repeat itself on Sunday.

“I’m pretty nervous about this game. One of my friends is a Chargers fan and I’m trying not to talk any crap to any of them. I’m trying to bring on the good karma,” said Broncos fan Casey Booth.

The Chargers were the last team to beat the Broncos in 2013, a fact that their fans are happy to recall.

“I think broncos fans are worried, it’s the chargers, if it was anybody else, they might be going, ‘no we got them’, but the chargers, they’re freaking out,” said Chargers fan Susanna Munoz.

However some Broncos fans are confident and have positive attitudes towards the game.

“If we had to beat them twice, I’d be a little nervous. It’s hard to beat a team three times. The chargers are feeling a little too cocky,” said Broncos fan Luke Fitzpatrick.

“We know the chargers very well, we’re familiar with their game plan and I think we just have the upper hand in the situation,” said Broncos fan Candice Fitzpatrick.

Fans are lined up outside Sports Authority Field for the Sunday morning tailgate and all of them are ready to cheer on the Broncos.


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