DENVER (CBS4)– The number of people hospitalized for the flu keeps growing but health experts said it’s not too late to protect yourself and get a flu shot.

Pharmacists said since the new year they’ve seen a double digit increase in people wanting a flu shot.

The Colorado Department of Health and Environment reports 748 flu hospitalizations for the current flu season. They don’t keep track of those with the flu who stay at home to recover.

“Get some chicken soup, comfort foods and lots of rest,” said Safeway Pharmacy Director David Rogers.

Health experts say it’s never too late to get a flu shot to be vaccinated against the potentially deadly disease.

“I thought I could have a good immune system and fight it off but no, when the flu hits you it can be rampant,” said flu shot recipient Michael Long.

In the first two weeks of 2014 Safeway has seen about a 20 percent spike in customers seeking flu shots.

“Colorado is one of the 25 states on widespread flu activity by the Centers for Disease Control,” said Rogers.

This week the Food and Drug Administration reported the medicine Tamiflu oral suspension is in short supply because of increased demand.

Rogers doesn’t think there’s reason to panic, “Because pharmacies can compound the pediatric suspension with the capsules.”

Rogers also points out there is plenty of flu vaccine available and if you can fight the flu you won’t have to treat it.

The flu usually peaks in January or February. Health experts recommend eating healthy, washing your hands and staying away from sick co-workers.


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