Family Held Hostage In Own Home, Suspects On The Loose

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ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4)- Police are searching for a group of men with guns that held a family hostage in their own home.

Investigators believe the crime was random and are trying to figure out why this family was targeted.

Sergio Portillo heard a knock on the door late Sunday night. He opened the door to find four men, all wearing masks and carrying guns.

“They swung it open and then I saw four guys charging at me with guns,” said Portillo.

The intruders knocked him down and repeatedly kicked him in the face. Then they zip tied him and his sister while another one of the men looked for his parents.

“As soon as my mother and father were trying to open the door they shot up, they just lit it up and hit dead center knowing that if someone was going to be in the middle they were going to hit him,” said Portillo.

They fired five shots and narrowly missed his parents. The gunmen shot through the walls, struck a dresser and kicked down a door. When Omar Portillo resisted one of the masked men broke his fingers with a crowbar.

The men were looking for drugs.

“They ransacked the whole backyard. One came back again… They were here quite a while,” said Portillo.

The men ripped through storage bins and looked through the crawl space. They escaped by breaking through the fence after they didn’t find what they were looking for.

The previous tenant was arrested in 2012 for selling meth. The Portillos are trying to find another place to live.

“Every time I go back to a door that scene just keeps rewinding in my head. I feel like every door I open four guys are going to charge me,” said Portillo.

The suspects are described as Hispanic men in their 20s or 30s. Police continue to search for the men.

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