DENVER (CBS4) – Bitter cold is affecting airport operations in many areas and leaving travelers stuck at airports across the country.

JetBlue scaled back operations Monday morning at airports in New York and Boston to let crews rest and give mechanics a chance to service planes. Nearly 9,000 flights have been canceled over the past three days.

Many passengers at Denver International Airport are feeling the effects. Among them many are looking for a new way to get where they’re headed.

“We were supposed to leave this morning, and I booked on a flight on Wednesday now,” a traveler said.

The woman was trying to get to Los Angeles, but their plane is stuck in Indianapolis.

“I’m trying to go back to Illinois, home, and the flight got canceled,” a young man named Zack said.

Allie was trying to get to Las Vegas.

“Our flight got canceled,” she said. ““So now we’re just waiting, hoping to get on a private jet, if it’s affordable enough.”

Many have given up on getting out on commercial flights and are now looking for alternative ways to travel.

“Most likely I’m going to have to take a train tomorrow night,” a woman said.

The airport is filled with luggage waiting to be claimed by passengers at DIA on layovers, but whose next flight has been canceled.

The holidays are all about family time, but some travelers say the delays are resulting in too much family time. Zack and his parents are now renting a car to drive to Illinois.

“We drive each other crazy,” Zack said.

“Well, he’ll drive us crazy, his brother will drive us crazy, he’ll drive his brother crazy,” Zack’s father said.

The Legend High School band attended the Gator Bowl and was due back on Jan. 2. The principal said 70 students and their chaperones still haven’t made it back home but are expected back some time on Tuesday.


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