BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. (CBS4) – The sale of recreational marijuana will be legal in Colorado starting Jan. 1 and one shop in Breckenridge is doing its best to get ready.

Breckenridge Cannabis Club is one of the few dispensaries in the state that come the New Year will give up medicinal and only sell recreational marijuana.

“We expect a lot of tourists. They have never been able to buy legal weed. Legal weed, anytime, anywhere, and it’ll be new every single day for these people,” said shop owner Caitlin McGuire.

The town of Breckenridge’s police department is getting ready too.

“We’ve made business cards that we’ve given to property management companies and restaurants so they can give it to their employees so employees are able to answer questions,” said Colleen Goettelman from the Breckenridge Police Department.

At the store, tourists are a big concern.

“We definitely feel responsible educating the consumers. Don’t consume on Main Street, that’s not legal. Don’t take it home with you, don’t take it across state lines, don’t sell it to anyone, especially if they’re under 21,” said McGuire.

The town has inspected and given the green light for the Breckenridge Cannabis Club and two other shops for recreational sales. However, the Breckenridge Cannabis Club likely only has a short future on Main Street.

“We’re really trying to keep and fight our downtown location, but as of right now they’ve asked us to leave at the end of our lease,” said McGuire.

With so many tourists in Breckenridge right now employees admitted they’re not exactly sure what’s going to happen come the New Year.

Some employees are expecting to sell out of product at some point.


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