Shipping Delays Cause Christmas Presents To Be Delivered Late

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(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

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DENVER (CBS) – Companies like UPS and FedEx saw shipping delays that resulted in thousands of people across the country not getting Christmas deliveries.

FedEx and UPS’ facebook pages are full with angry comments from customers blaming the companies for ruining their Christmas.

Both companies say they’ve brought in extra help to make sure those packages make it by the end of the week.

“I’m the only one who lives out here in Denver,” said UPS customer Dana Vaughn-MGunda.

All of her family lives far away in the east.

“I always exchange presents with my sister as well as my parents,” said Vaughn-MGunda.

However, only one present arrived on time. She learned from UPS earlier this week that others would not.

“Unfortunately he gift would not be arriving on Tuesday, but I should expect it sometime on Friday, after Christmas,” said Vaughn-MGunda.

She is not the only one. All across the country customers who paid extra for guaranteed Christmas delivery have not received their packages.

Both UPS and FedEx have publicly apologized for the delays blaming them on bad weather, overloaded systems and a shorter holiday shopping period with more buying done online.

“Certainly for those who have children it must have been such a disappointment,” said Vaughn-MGunda, “We will see what happens next year, perhaps it will be a lesson learned for UPS.”

However, she says, as the saying goes, it’s not just about the presents.

“I still had Christmas and it was still a lovely day,” said Vaughn-MGunda.

It’s not clear right now exactly how many packages were not delivered on time by Christmas, or if those who paid for guaranteed Christmas day delivery, would get refunds.

Online shopping sites like Amazon also saw late deliveries.

Amazon told customers they are now “reviewing the performance of the delivery carriers,” while refunding delivery fees and handing out $20 gift cards to their customers for their trouble.

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