DENVER (CBS4) – The state has recently released their list of stores approved to sell recreational marijuana come Jan. 1.

The number of stores approved across the state is 136 with 42 being in Denver.

At Denver marijuana dispensary, Medicine Man, they are preparing for what some are comparing to the repeal of prohibition.

“We get asked a lot are we going to have a line out the door, well I would like a line that would be nice but we don’t know what to expect,” said Elan Nelson from Medicine Man.

Nelson says they’ve spent months preparing for Jan. 1 getting numerous licenses, fees, and more than 10 inspections.

“That’s all a very positive thing. We certainly want to weed out any bad players, pardon the pun of course,” said Nelson.

Now they’re waiting for the green light from the city and state.

“I think we are ready and pretty certain Jan. 1 we will be open,” said Nelson.

The store’s already planning on changing the way they do business. Medicinal marijuana and recreational will have different inventories, and recreational will cost more to buy.

“This industry is brand new and everyone’s learning as we go,” said Nelson.

As the new industry grows, nelson says it may keep changing to match the demand for the product or lack thereof.

“What is this market going to look like, this is all brand new to us. Is this going to explode? Is this going to go out with a whimper,” said Nelson.

The list comes from the Colorado Department of Revenue.

Stores must also match requirements made by each city and jurisdiction before actually starting to sell.

This means the number of stores selling may not be as high as 136.


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