(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

DENVER (CBS4) – Seven people are under arrest and accused of taking part in a massive theft involving thousands of dollars of stolen items.

Police are looking for one more suspect who’s still on the loose.

The ring hit convenience stores from Lakewood to Aurora.

In some cases they caused more physical damage than the amount they stole.

Over a four month span eight young adults stole more than $114,000 worth of cigarettes, alcohol and other merchandise.

“There was nothing subtle about the crimes. It was smashing windows, chasing into a business, taking whatever they could and getting out of there,” said Jefferson County District Attorney Peter Wier.

Wier says 42 businesses were targeted.

The group was led by 19-year-old Josiah Duran.

From October 2012 to the following February the group hit stores continuously.

They were brought down when four members were caught by Lakewood police and members of the group turned on each other.

“The motive was to convert it to cash or to use it themselves. What they did after that remains unseen,” said Wier.

Under the Colorado Organized Crime Act a grand jury charged the group with 127 counts including burglary, theft and conspiracy.

Six of the members are being held on a $50,000 bond.

Josiah Duran’s bond was doubled but the eighth member, 22-year-old Estevan Valverde, is still on the run.


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