AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)– The busy intersection of Smoky Hill and E-470 is an unlikely place to give birth but one baby couldn’t wait for a more appropriate setting.

Brynna Cronk made her way into the world on Tuesday in the midst of honking and busy traffic.

Her parents, Jennifer and Mike Cronk, had planned their baby’s arrival at a hospital when Brynna had other plans.

When asked if he knew how urgent the situation was when the couple got into their Chevy pickup to drive to the hospital, Mike replied, “No.”

“When I got in there, I was like, ‘No, no, I’m not going to make it’ and he kept saying, ‘Just breathe, do exactly what you planned,'” said Jennifer.

She kept breathing and Mike kept driving.

“And I looked over and I saw the back of Brynna’s head,” said Mike.

That’s when he made this 911 call, “What do I do?”

Dispatch: “The child’s been delivered, correct?”

Mike: “She’s sitting in our lap right now.”

Dispatch: “Okay.”

That’s when fire crews rushed to help.

“Since the mom did all the hard work and delivered the baby prior to our arrival, it was really the dispatcher who helped keep her calm and get them through their first couple of minutes,” said Aurora Fire Department spokeswoman Diane Lord.

Brynna also received her very first baby gift from the crew at Aurora Fire Station #13, a bib with a fire engine, dog and hydrant that reads, “To The Rescue!”

“She’s just perfect,” said Jennifer.


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