DENVER (CBS4) – The car-sharing program called car2go that was introduced in Denver in June has reached a milestone as more than 15,000 Denver residents have signed up to use the cars.

Registered members share a network of 300 car2go vehicles.

For 38 cents per minute, drivers are good to go. For those who only need to do a quick errand, they’re out only a few dollars. Members don’t pay for gas or car insurance and they don’t even have to pay for parking meters in Denver. They also don’t have to return the vehicle anywhere. They can simply park the smart car and go on their way.

“You simply walk up to an existing vehicle, hold the membership card (to the scanner), it will process the card,” car2go President and CEO Nicholas Cole said when the program was launched on June 8.

In a statement released on Thursday, Cole said car2go “continues to integrate naturally with popular transportation options such as Denver’s B-cycle and the RTD light rail and bus system.”

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said the city welcomed the unique transportation and it’s proving to be a success.

“We strive to provide our residents with viable and diverse transportation options to suit the mobility needs of the city,” Hancock said.

According to the company, car2go is one of the fastest growing car-sharing programs in the world. It’s currently being used in seven countries with more than 500,000 members.

United States car2go members are able to use the vehicles in any of the cities with the program — Austin, San Diego, Washington D.C., Portland, Miami, Seattle, Minneapolis and Columbus.



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