ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (CBS Denver) – Wes Welker suffered his second concussion in four games on Sunday against the Tennessee Titans.

Sports writer Jeff Pearlman addressed a letter to Welker asking the wide receiver to retire.

“Obviously Wes is going through the concussion protocol. I know there is a lot of speculation out there because of Thursday night. Again, I’m not as familiar with that. I don’t have a doctor in front of my name. But we’ll go through whatever and we’ll see him — whatever they come up with, we’ll obviously think about his health first,” Broncos head coach John Fox opened in a press conference.

Pearlman is urging Welker to pay attention to the news on concussions and not risk his life to play in a game.

The NFL outlined to coaches, players, and staff the steps that need to be taken when dealing with concussions.

The league makes players get clearance from the team’s doctor, as well as approval from a doctor unaffiliated with the team before they can return to the field.

Usually when players suffer a concussion on a Sunday they must pass a post-concussion test early in the week to be able to return to light practice by Thursday, full practice on Friday, and be listed as probable for the game the following Sunday. With this protocol in place, it seems unlikely that Welker will play Thursday.

“I’m not in a position to answer that question,” Fox said in a press release. “As I mentioned before, it wasn’t my expertise. But we’ll go through the proper protocol. The league is pretty strict. We’re obviously concerned with any player’s health-whatever that is.”

Peyton Manning threw a pass Welker’s way over the middle on Sunday. As Welker went for the ball, safety Bernard Pollard collided with Welker’s head and neck.

“I only saw it live,” Fox added. “To be real honest with you, I was so excited to get here today I didn’t watch the tape. But we’re really onto San Diego. This is our game plan day. I haven’t really studied the film of the Tennessee game.”

Welker also suffered a concussion on Nov. 17 against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Pearlman went on in his letter to say a game, any game, including the Super Bowl is not more important than a person’s health and spending time with their kids or family member.

Fox went on to address the nature of football as a combative sport.

“It is a combative game,” Fox said. “I think everybody involved understands that. These things happen. You don’t like to see them happen. Again, we’ll have the players’ safety as our No. 1 priority.”


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