GOLDEN, Colo. (CBS4) – People could be forced out of their homes after ice buildup is causing Clear Creek to overflow.

The creek is about six feet higher than where the water was last week. Evacuation notices were in effect for people who live nearby in RVs.

“Basically the creek is frozen over, so any new water that’s coming down is spilling out over the banks and this RV park is very close to those banks,” said Karlyn Tilley with the Golden Fire Department.

Weather and changes to the creek’s flow could cause more problems.

“We’re looking at some cold conditions with water coming down the creek that is frozen, but the water is still moving underneath the ice which presents some problems with some possible higher water coming up,” said Golden Fire Chief John Bales.

The ice is forming on the top of the creek with water still flowing underneath adding more ice every day that temperatures remain below 32 degrees.

“Our city engineer has been here 25 years and he said he’s never seen conditions quite like this,” Bales said.

The recreation path next to the creek is closed and won’t reopen until the ice is gone. Some parking lots in the area are closed as well.


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