Trucker Jason Keen inspects a broken brake line on his truck (credit: CBS)

Trucker Jason Keen inspects a broken brake line on his truck (credit: CBS)

ASPEN PARK, Colo. (CBS4) – It was a double whammy for the foothills on Wednesday as snow and cold ruled the day.

At noon in Aspen Park the temperature on a bank sign read 4 degrees. It was so cold it broke a brake line on a semi-truck.

“It got brittle … and when I went to make the turn it snapped right in half,” truck driver Jason Keen said.

Truckers performed the disliked but required winter ritual of putting on the chains.

“If you have a lot of weight on the back, it is not that bad,” truck driver Matt Schatz said about driving in the wintry conditions. “So you just take it easy.”

It was a good day to stay inside, but perhaps only after stocking up on supplies for longer stay indoors.

“Yes, I did, I bought ice cream,” shopper Linda McCollum said while laughing.

At a local hardware store they were offering remedies for the weather, and advice.

“Make sure if your plumbing is along the outside wall all the doors are open underneath the sinks so the excess heat from the house can get in there,” Bill Browning with Ace Hardware said.

Even snowplow drivers were knocked out of the action.

“Exasperating would be a really good word for it,” plow driver Garrett Shaffner said. “Time is money and we’re losing a lot of money right now, so we’re going to be working a lot longer than we hoped.”

About a foot of snow had fallen in Aspen Park by noon on Wednesday.


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