(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

LONGMONT, Colo. (CBS4) – Around 700 people who were victim to the flooding three months ago enjoyed a free Thanksgiving meal in Longmont.

Longmont’s Old Chicago restaurant expected a record number of families to enjoy its eighth annual “Thanksgiving Meal on the House.”

“Due to the flooding and the bad weather, we’ve been having in September a lot of people are still displaced and finding a place to go,” said General Manager Anna Wells.

Along with turkey, the event featured crafts, music and a magician.

Everette Logan lost a personal fortune when his home was damaged last September.

“Money is an endangered species. It’s hard to come by and to have one good meal a year it’s great, it’s wonderful,” said Logan.

He and hundreds of others are still finding many ways to be thankful.

“All of us gathering everybody together, yeah it’s great,” said Longmont resident Cliff Jensen.

Around 600 people enjoyed the complementary community service and another 60 meals where hand-delivered to those who couldn’t make the trip.

“Most people are so thankful and so just impressed by what we do here they’re just glad to have a place to go to get Thanksgiving dinner because they might not be able to have it otherwise,” said Wells.


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